August, September and October were a bit of a blur to be honest.  The days were filled with preparations for, then the arrival of, our 1st child.  Born on the 22nd of August and redefining the meaning of 'delightfully challenging'.   Almost all consuming but I've interspersed efficient nappy changing maximisation with a bit of climbing, some work and a chunk of shadowing/assisting on climbing qualification courses.  The climbing was a mixed bag with a great day climbing in the Avon Gorge on Giants Cave Buttress and a chance meeting with a retired American mountaineer who had spotted us on the route and had taken some great pics from the bridge and observatory balcony. He kindly forwarded them on and they are brilliant!  The next time out was less productive with sleep deprivation catching up and nervous energy finally running out - the lead was handed over and I trundled on behind.. You only truly fail if you fail to learn and one of that days lessons was how important sleep and rest is on performance and basic functioning.


Work has been a nicely varied with site specific training and assessment courses being run for Undercover Rock and Walking Group Leader training and assessments taking place for Longtown OEC.  By the end of November I should hear whether all my assisting and shadowing has paid off as I look to become a course director of the Climbing Wall Award.  I'll be working for others but its a big step towards provider ship in our own right.

Authorjp Edgington