Been experimenting with mutli-directional anchor set ups for roped soloing.

My aim has been to find something that's easy to set up and light (ish) whilst still being super bomber. 

In the end I went with the DMM sml rigging hub which, whilst not particularly light at 260g, it's rope and tape friendly surfaces, strength and 3d rig-ability make it great for building multi-directional anchors.

Below are some pics of some set ups as well as some other trials with DMM rigging rings. 

Anchor using slings - super light but time consuming to get the lengths/tension right.

Rigging rings - light but not easy to keep everything snug..

Rigging hub and two 8mm cordolettes tied to the gear with clove hitches to give 3 independent up ward anchor legs and two downward (for use on the ground belay for the 1st pitch - 3 downward strands  when off the ground).

Hub in use at the Avon Gorge.  Just two downward legs as it was the 1st anchor otherwise it would have 3.  The rope friendly surfaces make it easy to get the cordolette snug.

This was the 1st time out using the Eddy instead of the silent partner and  I really liked it - rope was flaked into a small rucsac on my back and fed over the shoulder.  Move too quick and the Eddy locked reassuringly but was easy to unlock - move smoothly and the rope feed smoothly...

Authorjp Edgington