The key 3:   Positive Client Experience - Robust Safety Standards - Supportive Working Environment

The 3 factors above are essential for a successful Adventurous Activity business or organisation - take care of these and the income, staff retention, and session outcomes are a lot easier to achieve...


A workshop for all adventurous activity professionals which will provide the following:

  • Background information of some of the factors that can influences decision making skills and why they affect us.

  • Increased awareness of when, where and how these factors can or do show up in your day to day.

  • You’ll have strategies, tips and tools to reduce or counter their effect.

  • Ways of using different types of accountability to help with adherence & improve your 'response - ability'.

  As someone who runs his own business in the outdoor industry as well as working for others I can empathise with the aims, fears and challenges that we encounter daily during our working lives.   The trust we have to put in others to deliver to standard the need to be on top of our own game - every session, every trip, every course, for every client.  As instructors, managers, leaders, coaches, guides and trainers the decisions and judgements we make have far reaching consequences and more often than not they are positive life enhancing ones.  However there are a lot of factors that can influence our usually sound judgement skills and this workshop provides a carefully structured process that looks to improve those skills at a fundamental level - by tackling the negative/detrimental behaviours, beliefs, assumptions and other factors that determine our actions and their consequences.  Only by working at this fundamental level can you gain sustainable long term improvement in decision making and continue to improve the key 3 factors mentioned above.

If you are a dedicated conscientious adventurous activity professional committed to making the right decisions for your client, business or organisation and improving overall client experience then you really want to be on this workshop.....

I created this workshop off the back of some work I’ve done to improve my levels of delivery and professionalism and am now excited to be able to share that process which I’ve refined into the 7 sections listed below.   I’ve carefully structured these sections and the course delivery to create something powerful, effective and with practical applications. 

Acquisition - Acceptance - Awareness - Assumption of Ownership - Addition - Application - Accountability


We are  able to deliver this course 'in house' if you wish to have a large number of your staff benefit from the content and process but would like the convenience of staying at your own venue, please contact us to find out more.

Please note: Whilst this is an intensive 1 day course in a classroom environment you won't be sat around looking at a projector screen for 8 hrs!!