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There are many ways in which you can access the content and services that we provide and these are detailed below.  We are passionate about our work and believe strongly in the difference that a 'Proactive Approach to Decision Making' can have on outcomes for staff, clients  and organisations.  There needs to be a strong logic sandwich here plus testimonials and previous clients

3 reasons why you might want to work on your decision making - benefits to improved decision making


Free Articles, Videos, and Tips.

Start your journey to improved decision making with the articles, videos and tips that are on this website and our social media feeds. Find and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn by clicking the icons below.    Videos are can also be found on Vimeo and Youtube as well.  

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Free 60 Minute session via phone, Skype or FaceTime.

The aim of this free 60 session is to provide you with something tangible, useable and specific that can be used by you or your organisation to begin a Proactive Approach to Improving Decision Making.  There'll be some email correspondence ahead of the call to gain some background information and to make sure that we can maximise our time together on the call.


The 1st 'A' - Acquisition of background Knowledge 

£650 - up to 20 attendees 

This half day workshop is a great introduction to the subject of Proactively Improving Decision Making.  During this session we'll look at the various factors that can and do influence our decision making skills.  After this you can then work through the remaining 6A's yourself or alternatively we can return and provide an organisation specific coaching/facilitation session that will take you through the remaining 6A's and provide you with a clear plan and direction as you move forward.


Email for more information to to make a booking.


Full 1 Day intensive Workshop

£1100 - up to 20 attendees - Discounts available for Charitable and Non Profit organisations

This is our main workshop and applies the '7A's' process to proactively improving decision making skills.

A workshop for all adventurous activity professionals which will provide the following:

Background information of some of the factors that can influences decision making skills and why they affect us.

Increased awareness of when, where and how these factors can or do show up in your day to day.

Attendees will leave with effective strategies, tips and tools to reduce or counter the negative factors and increase the positive ones.

Ways of using different types of accountability to help with adherence & improve your 'response - ability'.


3 Day Extensive Workshop

£2520 - up to 20 attendees




Email for more information to to make a booking.


The 1st 'A' - Acquisition of background knowledge followed by a full day of specific coaching and facilitation.

1/2 day session covering the 1st 'A' Acquisition of background knowledge followed by a 1day organisation specific coaching/facilitation process through the remaining 6 A's which will leave all with a clear, specific and measurable action plan for the next 90days.


Email for more information to to make a booking.